The activities that we do are related with the farm, trees and the environment. We offer alternative activities in family which let enjoy with family in the rural ambient.

In spring, we grow a garden, we sow and water it, and when it is the time we collect the fruit. We collect also the eggs of chicken. We also go for a walk with Princesa, our beloved mare.

During the high season we prepare extra activities like swimming pool games, cooking workshop, handicraft, informal talks, acrobatics shows…

En temporada alta lo complementamos con otras actividades como juegos de pista, talleres artísticos / manualidades, danzas, talleres de cocina en familia, charlas al aire libre, marionetas y espectáculos de circo.

We also like celebrating special days like “La castanyada”, “Sant Joan”…..



Chickens, cocks, ducks, two really big pigs, our beautiful mare called Princesa. Sofia is a funny pony and Pitufa is a donkey.

Two times a day, we go to the farm to feed them. The flashiest activities are feeding the animals. When the animals come back to the farm after being free all day around the campsite, we go collect the chicken eggs.


vegetable garden

We cultivate an ecological farm of 5 hectares. It is a typical Catalan prelitoral farm, where we have different trees; fruit trees, almond trees, hazels and olive trees.

The vegetable garden is part of the whole ecocamp, which gives us contact with the land and gives us the best vegetables.

We do some activities in these places during the year especially in summer.

The pond, besides being the home of frogs and tadpoles, has a biological function. It attracts all kinds of fauna that favors ecological cultivation. So, we must be very careful and respect this ecosystem. Frogs and dragonflies also help mitigate mosquito bites in summer.


eco shop

The small shop is inside the principal building. There you can find basic food and ecological food too. It’s not really big since at 500m there’s the village and there are two supermarkets and one homely shop.


restaurant and cafe

The restaurant and cafe are inside the principal building, next to the reception.

In the cafe we have drinks and snacks of ecological origin, craft beer and fair trade coffee. There is a space for the little kids to play while the older ones can enjoy the written press or connect to the network. And when the good weather arrive there is nothing like taking something on the terrace sunbathing.

The restaurant is in the big salon. We offer healthy food with local and season products.

The restaurant high season opening is from the 15th of June to the 15th of September. During the lower season it’s open during the weekend. (From Friday dinner to Sunday lunch).

You could also book the breakfast, hald board o full board.


leisure zone

The park is in front of the terrace bar. While the kids are playing together you could enjoy reading the newspaper or connect to the Internet with your devices. It is a really pleasant area that many people use in summer to have drinks at the sun while watching their kids playing and learning safely.


swimming pool

When it is really hot, the swimming pool is the meeting point. Everybody goes there and play together so it becomes a funny place to be. Surrounded by natural grass and shades from almond trees, it is the most successful are in summer. The pool is circular in shape with two areas separated by stairs; one of them has more depth with respect to the other one that is thought for the little ones.


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